Can we customize the rules/checks?

Yes. There are some rules that can be customized e.g. naming convention. There are other rules that are looking for a selected option e.g. “Aggregator Sorted Input Enabled”. We appreciate that each organization may have adopted different standards and also within each organization different code sets/projects may adopt different standards. Undraleu allows you to customize as per your projects’ requirement.

Let us go over an example to illustrate the naming standards for mappings. We provide a default prefix of “m_” for a mapping name. You may want to adopt a “MP_” across your organization. You can override our value to apply instead “MP_” as your standard. Yet, there may be some legacy projects that may have used a naming convention of “MAP_” for mappings. You can allow a further override at the legacy project level to accept “MAP_” as the standard and still allow the rest of the organization to conform to “MP_”. This allows you to embrace your own standards seamlessly yet allow enough flexibility in a controlled manner.