Most of our ETL work is done offshore, how can Undraleu assist?

Off-shoring has been embarked by various organizations for multiple reasons. Some reasons have been questioned and some proven. One pain-point we see in off-shoring, outsourcing, near-shoring, right-shoring or whatever the arrangement is, there is no transparent definition and monitoring of quality.

Undraleu was built to bring in code quality monitoring in a self-service manner. This allows everybody and anybody to monitor the code quality. Through Undraleu, you can now make it mandatory for your offshore service providers to enforce quantified, measurable and consistent code governance. The standards can be decided by your team and communicated to the offshore team. The offshore team can scan the code against the agreed standards to ensure they are in conformance to them before they deliver the code. The client can double check to ensure what has been delivered meets the standards agreed.

In a multi-vendor arrangement Undraleu can be also used to evaluate the quality of the different vendors and take a decision to continue or discontinue a vendor’s services using facts.