Undraleu® is an Enterprise Class ETL Code Quality Tool

It comes with a rich library of best practices to choose from and addresses role specific review requirements (e.g. Project Manager, Developer, Business stakeholder or any other) for the quality of the code. Its simplicity of use means huge savings in time and cost while ensuring a consistent and comprehensive coverage of code review. The standards can be defined at a project or subject matter expert level at the start of the project. For companies that require stricter control on code quality, some standards can also be defined at a company level which will thereon be inherited by all the projects. This provides a unique path towards consistent standards across the company thereby accelerating and facilitating governance of the ETL systems.

What can Undraleu® help you achieve?

Embed Agility

Makes code review an agile, collaborative and productive experience as part of your development process, deployment engine or via. CI/CD framework

Trust your Data, again!

Bring back Trust in your data by bolstering quality in your Data Provisioning Pipelines

Better Decisions

Review Reports can be used as an entry criteria for the change control board to approve a release/change request.

Be Consistent

100% Coverage and Consistency. No surprises.

Ensure Quality

Helps you maintain strict control over your third party or outsourcing partners’ code quality with complete transparency.


Enables standardization of Informatica Datastage & ODI Code across your enterprise.


Reduces Cost, Defect Density, Rework and your overall time-to-market

Benchmark and Improve

Benchmark code quality, contrast vs. historical metrics and improve

Seeing is Believing!

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