Support Statement

CoeurData believes in offering one uniform level of support treating all our customers’ operations as mission critical.

CoeurData Support strives to provide you with services that meet your expectations and our defined response goals. We believe our customer’s satisfaction is the only indicator of our support quality. To help us continue to improve our services, we believe in an open door policy towards accepting feedback from our customers. Send us your feedback on or call us to provide your valuable feedback.

CoeurData management continually forms initiatives to drive efficiencies and service excellence in all areas that impact or benefit our customers.

The world of ETL has advanced technologically to the point that automated management of code is beginning to be a necessity. I recommend you look at Undraleu and their approach to managing the ETL environment.

Bill Inmon
Father of Data Warehousing

Continuous Collaboration

Whether you want to standardize your projects or wanting to know the quality of the code being developed or want to identify specific areas of concerns on the code in production, we can help.

We can analyze your code, profile problems areas, and recommend remedial actions to solve the problem as well as help stem them from reappearing.

We at CoeurData believe in continuous collaboration and distribution of best practices. We enable virtues of collaboration to all our customers through continuous and transparent enhancements to the Undraleu best practices. We can develop best practices or custom checks and make them available to the user community. While we accept contributions to best practices from the entire community, customers or non-customers, we can develop and incorporate custom best practices on a priority basis for all customers who have a valid maintenance and support contract.

Support Features

24/7 Support

  • Pre & Post Installation Demonstrations.
  • On-boarding Sessions.
  • We can also conduct sessions to understand your current pain points and provide recommendations on how to achieve your quality goals

Installation & Configuration

  • Online Installation support.
  • Support with configuration of Undraleu, based on your requirements.
  • We can also assess your development landscape and recommend optimal ways to best practices without disrupting your current practices.

Upgrades and patches

  • Updates on new releases and features / enhancements.
  • Quarterly release cycles. Reserved bandwidth for specific requests from customers regarding support needed for complete quality control.
  • 24/7 support for your upgrade process, however simple it is.

Incident Management

  • 24/7 availability to ensure a non-stop code review enablement.
  • Regular updates on progress of your incident’s speedy resolution.

24/7 Support

  • We prefer you calling us directly. Alternately, you can also raise a support request through our Support Portal.
  • New to Undraleu? Need specific clarifications? Just contact us by phone first and speak to our team – 24/7


  • Evaluation of your current ETL code and its echo system and providing recommendations at a very reasonable cost .

If there are any support and maintenance aspects that you are keen on, but not mentioned above, do let us know and we will evaluate and include them for you within reason